Sucessfully manufacturing since 1930, producing its first Lift in  1965.

CELA Industry USA, a distributorship of CELA Industry is proud to bring its line of Truck Mounted (72ft – 131ft) & Spyder-Crawler (50ft – 120ft) Aerial Work Platforms to the USA.

Featured Case Studies

CELA Industry has taken great care to research its products in real world scenarios, ensuring that we are able to provide the industries we serve with tools that they need and can use.

DT24 – Roofing Industry

Spyder DT30 – Air Port Maintenance

Spyder DT24 – Event Venue Interiors

Global Leader in Quality Manufacturing for more than 88 Years

After being in this industry for so many years, CELA Industry has set new standards for height requirements and safety protocols on our equipment. The specifications and capabilities of our equipment is currently un-matched across the world. 

Leading the worlds AWP Industry

CELA Industry is setting industry standards for quality and manufacturing quality across the world. We live by these principals.

  • Triple Safety Checked Prior to Delivery
  • Providing customers with an all inclusive solution
  • Keeping OEM Replacement Parts Available 
  • Quality Craftsmanship, the first time

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